Services offered

ASCA has been delivering services to the community for over 20 years.  We can offer our services to most people with a strong desire to take back their lives, regardless of their means. We offer the following services:

Counselling for substance misuse and a range of other addictions: People often reach a realisation that no matter what they do to try to shake off a habit, be it weekend binge drinking or daily drug use, it does not work. They find themselves repeating the same behaviours often with catastrophic results. Our best thinking gets us nowhere!

If you have reached this point you KNOW that you probably need outside help in breaking the cycle and keeping it broken. Talking therapy is an established treatment for addictive behaviour, problem drinking and drug use.

At ASCA you will be professionally assessed by one of the managers and then placed with a therapist who can help you uncover the underlying issues that lead to the problematic behaviour.

ASCA has been here for over 20 years and has helped 1000s' of people suffering with their cycle of addiction. If you are ready for change then please call us, it may be the start of a life changing process.

 Carers Service:  For every addict using there are at least 3 people affected by their using. Family, friendship and work relationships all suffer as a result of a persons addiction. Sometimes it is impossible to get the person using alcohol or drugs into treatment but life must go on for the people around them.

ASCA offers 1 to 1 counselling and group therapy for those who are caring for or coming to terms with somebody else's drug and/or alcohol misuse as well as other addictions.

We offer a caring flexible 1 to 1 service and a Carers 12 week group programme which is held on Saturday mornings 10.30-11.30 am. 

ASCA is part of the Richmond Carers Hub service.

 Complementary Therapies:  ASCA Richmond has a year long programme of complementary therapy groups which you can access regardless of whether you are in therapy at ASCA. These groups compliment 1 to 1 and group therapy offering life enhancing techniques in relaxation, meditation and creative expression.

We are currently offering:

  • Yoga
  • Monthly Sunday Meditation Days


All such groups and events are listed on our 'Events and Calendar' page together with times/days and contact details