Testimonials from Clients who have used our 1 to 1 therapy service:

"I have found the support I have received from ASCA hugely beneficial and life changing. I have used a number of local services and ASCA's  understanding and experience of working with addiction is second to none" J.S

" I'd just like to say that my experience at ASCA is helping me in so many ways, I'm so grateful......" P.M

"6 months ago I didn't have future, things are brighter now." N.J

" I felt utterly alone looking after a sick partner and my children. My Doctor suggested counselling at ASCA and having somebody to talk to and be listened to properly has given me new strength to face my home situation and make some necessary changes." J.D

" I have found the counselling that I have received even in the short time I have been attending has helped me greatly. Both the manager and my counsellor have treated me with a high level of professionalism from the start and I feel I have support when I need it. I would recommend the service to anyone who thinks they may have a problem and are seekin to take the first step." M.T

" Thank you for your amazing team, all your help and support. I can't thank B. enough, you helped me more than I will ever know."

 A service user who came to our Carers Support Group...

         "I am quite new to the group for carers of addicts. At first I thought it may not be the right group for me as my son also has a mental illness, which seemed to be the dominant problem. However, after only a few sessions, I realised that many of the stories and problems of other group members resonated very strongly with me. I find the group incredibly supportive, with people who have attended for a considerable time, and newer members, with each person contributing so much. It is through each person’s bravery and honesty in sharing their particular situations that is the strength of the group. The facilitators are extraordinary in their depth of knowledge of addiction and the human condition and their sure hands holding the group add to the strength offered to each person. Everyone in the group understands utterly the journey and trials of each other and therefore offer the most profound support and empathy to each other. It has been a life saver for me"

 Clients comment on their experience of our complementary therapy groups:

  •  “That it can be good to be prepared to look at things from a different angle”
  • “I remembered that I have passion”
  • “To understand a bit more about what I have been expressing and relating to in my life and not feeling nervous doing that”
  • “That I can push my boundaries and do some different things”
  • “A feeling of empowerment”
  • “Expression of mood, thoughts and feelings”